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I am in grade 9-B who got Gyeog Gi Foreign Language Highschool(GAFL).

I have learned many things in TLBU global school; that i could not experience in any other school.

I have strengthened my ability to study by my seif, and i have learned how to handle my self without my parent’s help even in the dormitory. 

Every night i have study International organization with our mentors. 

Every semester, i have gained lots of experiences by having our school field trip to foreign countries: USA, CHINA and FRANCE.

For example, i have visited other foreign countries to learn their culture, language and deeply how to cooperate with each other in any circumstances.

It was not able to get in to highschool unless there were my teachers’s support.

I will study hard in highschool to make my teachers feel proud of my self. Thank you for reading pass autobiography.


저는 경기외고 일보어과에 합격한 9학년 심재하 입니다.

제가 TLBU를 다니면서 다른학교에서 경험할수 없는 많은 것을 배웠습니다.

기숙사 생활을 통해 자기주도적 학습을 길렀으며 부모님의 도움없이 스스로 생활할수 있는 방법을 터득하였습니다.

매일 밤 맨토선생님들과 함께 국제기구와 세계의 문제점에 대하여 배웠고 학기마다 Field Trip 을 가 세계의 여러나라 문화를 배울수 있었습니다. 

고등학교 진학 후 선생님들의 노력이 헛되지 않도록 최선을 다 하겠습니다. 합격수시를 읽어주셔서 감사합니다.


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