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When I first entered TLBU I never expected to enter a special-purpose high school. 

But while listening and watching our seniors get accepted into one of the most prestigious high schools in Korea, 

I decided to embrace a dream that nobody would ever expect I could achieve. I was a 9th grade student at the time and there were 2 barriers that blocked me: 

the high school entrance examination and high school passing test. School, TLBU / Events / Moments / Ideas / Interview / Talents / Lives / 

Thanks 77 All the teachers and friends helped me put up with these barriers. 

Although we had hard times to lighten up the lights at mid night in order to pass the exam during our GPA. 

During the comparison test period, this gives me a step forward to develop myself as a student. 

Also, because of my teacher’s help for pre inviting CSIA I was able to reach my dream to get in to this magnificent school. 

Even if you get a low grade do not feel disappointed and never give up. I will try my best at CSIA and be a good role model to our TLBU juniors.  


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