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My name is Yoo, keun hyuk and I have been accepted into GCFL I first came to TLBU when I was in 6th grade. 

At that time, it was very hard to adapt to another school’s lifestyle especially a dormitory school, but I was able to adapt this environment, 

because there were great teachers and I made many good friends. TLBU was a big advantage for me being accepted into GCFL. 

I was able to develop my English skills through TLBU's English subjects, and increased self-study. 

One thing that I want to remind you is when you choose a high school it’s not just about your grade. 

In my case, I choose ‘German class’ which has lowest class's deadline. Even though my grade was high like AA11, the class is what I wanted to apply and learn. 

Therefore, you can apply to any high school that you really want to go to. I wish my juniors in TLBU achieve their hopes and dreams. 


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