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Greetings parents and beloved juniors and school mates,

my name is Lee Jae Bin and I entered as a freshman in GGHS this year. 

First, I would like to express my thanks to all the teachers, parents, and my classmates who dedicated themselves to me 

and helped me pass my grades at this magnificent global high school in Go-yang. When I first entered TLBU, it was hard for me to adapt to boarding school. 

But I believe I was able to get through these difficulties due to the help from teachers and my beloved classmates. 

Through living a dormitory life, I gained many experiences. Although I and my classmates caused many incidents, fought and complained, 

I embrace all of these experiences as a reminiscence that I will never forget as a student in TLBU. 

In addition, I also learnt the importance of adapting to different circumstances. 

For juniors, I hope to see all of you guys next year at high school as both seniors and juniors. 

I will miss and never forget all of you who I am thankful to for the last four years.


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